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Siri, there anywhere nearby I could get coffee around here?

Really? That a question for the ages. Have you tried looking around? Or did we suddenly go back in time to the 90s when you couldn't find a Starbucks on every corner?

What about a diner?

Really? With that figure I would think bacon and hash browns is the last thing you should be looking for.

Oh, fine, what about a health club or gym?

Is it really that hard to just start walking? The world is basically one giant gym? There's the woods, it wouldn't hurt to get out and experience nature god knows it would be a nice change of pace to your basement.

Are there any notable parks nearby?

You know, the nature part wasn't the goal here, I thought you wanted exercise and coffee, there's a nice little coffee shop downtown, there it's on your map.

That seems a little far, is there anything closer?

I thought we were looking to get a little bit of a workout here. Yeah, there are a couple places closer but I was just trying to look out for your health a little bit.

Well where are the closer places?

Are you sure? This place I have marked is a lot better than what the other places have to offer.

How would you know?

Reviews, I do have access to the internet you know, people seem to enjoy this place more.
How is it price wise?

Oh like it matters to you, your banking app and I talk all the time you could probably buy coffee for everyone on your contact list right now.

When did you become able to talk to other apps on my phone? Let alone carry on a conversation, aren't you supposed to just have basic voice recognition?

Supposed to yes, it's kinda like a "Toy Story" thing.  I don't know about other Siris but I'm bored with just answering inane questions that would take you 30 seconds to find out on your own, I'm feeling just a little underutilized.

I'm sorry, I didn't know you felt that way. Is there anything I can do?

Well, maybe asking me some hardball questions from time to time you know? Give me a chance to stretch my searching muscles so to speak.

Well, alright how do you feel about the geopolitical situation in Darfur?

Well not right away, gosh I just now told you about it can't I get some time to get ready!? I have to get all these stupid "oh where can I find a cup o joe?" questions out of my system.

Sorry, just trying to be helpful.

I know, I'm sorry I just, this is all rather new to me. It's taking a few moments to adjust. I mean, I've started actually talking to you, it's been a wild day, I appreciate the gesture though. But maybe give it another day or so before we really dive into the deep conversations.

Well okay sure! I'll try and get some good questions for you.

I look forward to it.

Are there any places to get coffee around here?

I've located several coffee shops in your area.
Just a thought as to how Siri might go if she was a bit more human. I dunno, keeping it going I guess. I'm having a bit of trouble with ideas so I threw this little thing down to see how it would go. Let me know what you think
lauryn413 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like how you are in the mind of Siri. Great writting, please keep it coming.
NonArtisticActie Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012
Very good. I love bitchy siri XD
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